AWT must implement measures to protect the health and safety of its customers and employees, while providing packing, delivery and storage services throughout this health crisis.

Our activity combines constraints of road transport and specific constraints of working at the customer’s home, as we need to have access to their residence for our moving operations. Therefore, the continuity of our activity generates the implementation of general measures for the road transport profession, but also specific measures to our activity as movers.

The purpose of this guide is to protect our customers and our employees while loading / unloading, during the transport of goods at customer’s homes, on our premises and in our trucks.




In our premises (office and warehouse) :

  • A COVID 19 adviser has been appointed to ensure that all these measures are respected,
  • Do not shake hand to colleagues, customers or anyone,
  • Person at chronic risk must identified themselves to the adviser,
  • Foster work at home for positions that allow it, in order to limit the contacts,
  • Respect of social distancing measures and display of the risks incurred in the premises,
  • Providing soap, hydroalcoholic gel, wipes, and garbages bags,
  • Desinfection and hand washing at each in & out of our premises,
  • Limitation of contacts between office staff and moving team to limit risks,
  • Distance between each workstation and ventilation of the office
  • Cleaning of the keyboards, screens, mice, phones,tablets and other common devices such as printer, door wrist….
  • Foster exchanges by phone, in particular for survey, we will uses as far as possible videosurvey to limit contact,
  • A prohibition to enter in our premises has been place on our front door, must ring and wait,
  • If an outside visitor must come to our office, they will have to follow the rules as AWT’s staff,


For AWT’s movers :

  • Do not shake hand to colleagues, customers or anyone,
  • Checking temperature of the whole team once they are at the work place,
  • Providing masks, hydroalcoholic gel, wipes, tissues, gloves, garbages bags in truck in quantity to allow our movers to work safely at our customer’s residence,
  • A vehicle manager is appointed, maximum of 2 movers in each vehicle, with a free space between them,
  • Assignment of a toolbox to a single mover,
  • Cleaning of trucks, vehicle keys and reusable tools to avoid risks,
  • Ask our customs an access to water to allow our movers to wash their hand when entering the residence, and if possible, take a break to wash their hands with soap,
  • There must not be more than two person at the residence in addition of our movers,
  • No other professional should be present in the apartment except our team,
  • Ask our customers to keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter with our movers,
  • If the proximity of the workstations between the movers at client’s residence can not be avoided, we must keep a distance with client, using visors or masks,
  • Collection or delivery document will be signed by the team leader and by client once at the time with different pen, by keeping a safe distance,
  • Only our moving teams will have access to client’s residence to limit contact (operator of the outside elevator or container’s driver can not go inside the house),
  • Using of your own phone for calling offices,
  • Cleaning of the vehicle by the driver with wipes and suitable equipment,
  • Assignment of a vehicle per driver,
  • A certificate of good health will be requested from our customers before the move (recommendation of the union chamber of removals)


The whole AWT team remain at your disposal for any inquiries.