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AWT moves you to Canada. Many of you cross the Atlantic to work in this country which is massively recruiting French people these last few years.

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Canada is largely English-speaking, but the French-speaking provinces of Montreal and Quebec appeal to expatriates. Apart from this common point of the French language, Canada represents a real expatriation in its own right.

With its teams of export packers, AWT offers door-to-door removals from France to Canada. AWT takes care of customs formalities in France where the photocopy of passport as well as an inventory for customs will be requested.

We also supervise customs formalities in Canada in collaboration with our partner FIDI (International Federation of International Movers), which, like AWT, has FAIM certification, the only quality standard in international removals.

In Canada, for your international move, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of passport
  • Detailed valued list of items included in shipment.
  • Ownership, possession and proof of use.
  • Receipts for any new items
  • Previous airport or US/Canada border declaration papers (B4Ee/ B15)
  • Liquor import declaration (if applicable).
  • Immigration papers (if applicable)
  • Landed immigrant application (if applicable)
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Work permit (if applicable)
  • Letter of undertaking (not always necessary)
  • Valued list of items


Be aware that your physical presence is needed in Canada for the import formalities of your move.

Our local partner will assist you in this process.

Finally, your move is delivered to your new residence, including the services of putting the furniture back in place, reassembling if necessary, unpacking the boxes and removing used equipment.

Our entire team is at your disposal to assist you in your international move to Canada.

You can contact us by phone: +33 1 39 92 97 97 or by email:

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You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services

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You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services

Figuero Daniel

Dior, 24/11/2022


I can’t highlight enough the marvellous work you have done: perfect timing, perfect treat, all my things have been listed carefully. I’m very very happy with the service.

Sebastien Clementy

LVMH, 26/10/2022


Equipe ponctuelle et efficace sur l »emballage. Le déménagement sur Dallas a été livré dans les délais espérés.


Schlumberger, 03/10/2022


 Thank you for your crews in Houston & Paris.