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A transfer to ASIA? AWT supports you in your project; you will have a personalized door-to-door follow-up of your move.

It takes between 5 and 6 weeks for a door to door move to Asia from France.

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First of all, we must make sure that you have the required documents for your international move to ASIA because some documents require several weeks before they are issued.

For French customs, please always prepare the following documents:

  • Inventory valued in Euros dated and signed
  • Passport photocopy

When taking charge of your move, your sales representative will discuss with you the documents necessary for customs clearance for the country of destination.

For Chinese customs for example, be vigilant, several documents will be requested such as Copy of passport with residence permit (this permit is issued within 3 / 4 weeks from your arrival in China).

It is imperative that you ensure that this permit will be ready when your container arrives at the port in China in order to ensure proper customs clearance of your move. Otherwise, demurrage and detention charges at port will be applied while these documents are obtained (your container is waiting at the port for the time of customs clearance).

Hong Kong has its own customs formalities which are easier compared to China.

For Singapour for example, only the photocopy of passport and the Employment Pass are mandatory for your import.

For your international move, AWT offers the following services:

  • Technical visit to your home to assess the volume you want to move, check access and our sales representative will provide you with all the information you need.
  • Door-to-door quotation
  • Complete packing of your furniture and personal effects at your home,
  • Transport of your move by sea or air container for small lots to your new residence,
  • Delivery of your move including the total unpacking of your personal effects, the reinstallation and reassembly of the furniture and the removal of boxes and used equipment.

    You can contact us by phone: +33 1 39 92 97 97 or by email: general@awt.fr

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You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services

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You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services




Je tiens à remercier AWT pour leur service exceptionnel lors de mon récent déménagement. Professionnels, ponctuels et extrêmement soigneux, ils ont rendu cette expérience qui aurait pu être stressante incroyablement fluide et positive. Toute l’équipe a démontré une efficacité remarquable du début à la fin. Leur attitude positive et leur engagement à satisfaire le client se sont vraiment démarqués. Je suis pleinement satisfait de leur travail et je les recommande vivement à quiconque cherche un déménagement sans tracas. Merci Audrey pour avoir dépassé mes attentes !

Borovik Elena

Biocodex, 05/02/2024


I appreciated the excellent service of your company from the first till the last day of my transfer in between the countries, thank you!

Katya Bouabbas



Équipe très professionnelle et serviable. Je recommande !