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The steps of my international move

Each year, thousands of people move internationally whether for professional or personal reasons.

For more than 30 years now, our company has been doing everything to meet your needs during your move but also to facilitate it.

Long distance moves are often a reason to stress for expatriates. But AWT is there to help you avoid that stress. Indeed, from the packing of your personal effects at origin until its unpacking at the arrival in your new home, through customs formalities and storage (for things you cannot take with you), AWT takes care of all the logistics and paperwork to make your life easier.

Our objective: A successful and stress-free expatriation!

Regarding international transit, we provide international moving by road, sea and air transport, by taking charge of the customs procedures for each destination.

Thus, we take care of customs formalities on departure and arrival in France or abroad, so as the delivery of your belongings anywhere in the world. In fact, we have surrounded ourselves with the most serious partner in every part of the world. Indeed, we have received FAIM certification (FIDI Accredited International Mover), which is the only quality standard existing in international moving. This certification is meeting professionals’ standards and quality charter. Depending on the needs, our expatriates generally benefit from 1 cubic meter of Air shipment to facilitate their arrival in their new residence.

We can also help you for your return in France once your expatriation is done. You will just need to contact us. You will find all our contact details on the documents exchanged, or directly on our website.

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You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services

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Some of our clients' favorite destinations

Practical information on some of our destinations

You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services

Moves to

The removals towards Europe are done, most of the time, by road or air transport.

AWT provides international removals to the European Union or outside the European Union in several major cities and countries such as Switzerland, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Geneva and Rome.

We will pack your belongings at your home and transport them to your new place of residence abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for quotation or additional information.

Moves to

Removals to Asia are carried out by sea and/or air transport. Our teams in the port of Le Havre receive your personal effects in order to send them to your arrival city such as Singapore or Hong-Kong for example.

Everything is taken care of (from customs clearance to transportation) by our partner teams on site. You will only have to receive your belongings when you arrive in your new home in order to feel really at home.

Moves to

International removals to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are mostly carried out by sea transport.

Your personal belongings will be taken care of by our teams at the port of Le Havre and sent to the port of Jebel Ali. Once in Dubai, your goods will be taken care of by our teams on the spot and delivered to your new home.

Moves to

Every year, many French people are expatriated to this country, which recruits a large number of French-speaking people in the provinces of Montreal and Quebec.

More and more French people are moving to the United States every year for a shorter or longer period of time. The main cities of destination are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and San Francisco.

Our teams in the port of Le Havre receive your containers which are then transported by boat to the ports closest to your destination city. Your belongings are then taken care of by our American teams on the spot, cleared through customs and transported to your new home.

Some useful information for your move to the United States:
Several documents will be requested. VISA, work permit, transfer order for military or civil servants, form 3299, and other customs documents or a detailed inventory of your goods in French and English for example.

Some taxes may be applied for items in your possession for less than 12 months. For the transport of your car and your vehicle, it must meet the standards of your country of arrival. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or to establish an estimate and obtain the necessary advice for your move.

Brazil is one of the most complex destinations to move to. It is therefore essential to be surrounded by expert professionals.

Moves to

Removals to Australia are carried out by sea and/or air transport. Our teams accompany you in your move to Australia and in the passage of the various formalities such as the quarantine.

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You are an expat or you want to move for personal reasons?
Discover the quality report of international moving services

Figuero Daniel

Dior, 24/11/2022


I can’t highlight enough the marvellous work you have done: perfect timing, perfect treat, all my things have been listed carefully. I’m very very happy with the service.

Sebastien Clementy

LVMH, 26/10/2022


Equipe ponctuelle et efficace sur l »emballage. Le déménagement sur Dallas a été livré dans les délais espérés.


Schlumberger, 03/10/2022


 Thank you for your crews in Houston & Paris.