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Please find following message received today from FIDI in Belgium :

Bonjour Audrey & Bruno,

I Hope my email finds you well and enjoying the start of a busy peak season?

It is with great pleasure that we note your outstanding performance on the FAIM 2022 Compliance Procedure as verified by EYand would hereby like to award you the FAIMPLUS 2022 certificate. The quality assessment you have recently undergone is the toughest and most strenuous in the industry and we commend you on your results.

Enclosed you will find certificates denoting your quality certification and FIDI membership. Your certification will need to be reconfirmed with a further assessment prior to this expiration date. Please note that we are not sending a paper certificate anymore, this way you can print your certificate on any support you like in order to promote your certification in the most appropriate way for your company.

The FAIM Quality Label is an internationally recognized guarantee of quality service, and a strong added value for your company. Make sure to promote your FAIM certification in your company’s marketing, for example by displaying the logo on your website and advertising material, and make sure to #SpreadyourFAIM on social media. FIDI can assist you with your FAIM marketing strategy and has a series of tools at your disposal, you can access the FAIM Marketing toolkit here.

For further information on this matter, please consult the FIDI-FAIM rules on www.fidi.org and do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions.