All World Transport (AWT) is the specialist for your international move. The whole professional team is at your disposal to answer your questions, your requests for quote, and to help you in preparing and organizating your move. Below you will find information by destination to avoid any risk of stress.


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Client OPINION about our services

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Each year, thousands of people move internationally whether for professional or personal reasons.

For almost 30 years now, our company has been doing everything to meet your needs during your move but also to facilitate it.

Long distance moves are often a reason to stress for expatriates. But AWT is there to help you avoid that stress. Indeed, from the packing of your personal effects at origin until its unpacking at the arrival in your new home, through customs formalities and storage (for things you cannot take with you), AWT takes care of all the logistics and paperwork to make your life easier.

Our objective: A successful and stress-free expatriation!

Regarding international transit, we provide international moving by road, sea and air transport, by taking charge of the customs procedures for each destination.

Survey at your residence by an inspector

This visit allows you to estimate and quantify the volume you’re going to move. Information about your destination and details of our services will be given. This step is very important in order to prepare your international move.

Quote and personal follow-up

The inspector send you his estimate in a short time, he will be your only interlocutor during all stages of your move. This ensures you a better follow-up of your move and a better support of your needs.

High quality packing adapted to your furniture


Drawing up of a packing list

All your parcels are numbered and labeled. So, no bad surprise on arrival! Everything is clear.

Conditioning belongings into container (air or sea)

Once your belongings are packed, our teams take charge of their transportation to your new residence, whatever the volume in m3 of your personal belongings. There is no limit for a successful move abroad. AWT is a partner of international freight forwarder.

Road shipment for European move
Insurance management

AWT offers you an All risks insurance for the transport of your goods, without franchise, running your goods in "Door to Door". We advise you to read the information note and the insurance brochure that we shall give to you during the technical visit.

Follow-up of the transfer « Door to door »

AWT will provide a personal follow-up of your move. Our crew is at your disposal to answer all your questions before, during and after your move.

Customs formalities at origin and destination
Meticulous choice of the partner abroad

AWT will choose a partner among FIDI Global Alliance member to serve you the best service in your destination country.


Thus, we take care of customs formalities on departure and arrival in France or abroad, so as the delivery of your belongings anywhere in the world. In fact, we have surrounded ourselves with the most serious partner in every part of the world. Indeed, we have received FAIM certification (FIDI Accredited International Mover), which is the only quality standard existing in international moving. This certification is meeting professionals standards and quality charter.
Depending on the needs, our expatriates generally benefit from 1 cubic meter of Air shipment to facilitate their arrival in their new residence. We can also help you for your return in France once your expatriation is done. You will just need to contact us. You will find all our contact details on the documents exchanged, or directly on our website.

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Information on some of our destinations

Moves to
the European continent

Most of movings into Europe are made by road or air.

AWT provides international removals services to the European Union or even outside the European Union, in large cities of countries like London, Madrid, Stockholm or even Geneva and Rome.

We pack your things at your home and deliver them to your new residence abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, quote or additional information.

Moves to

Removals to Asia are carried out by sea and / or air. Our teams of Le Havre port receive your personal belongings in order to send them to your destination city such as Singapore or Hong-Kong for example.

Everything will be taken care by our partner teams on site (from customs clearance to delivery). You will only have to receive your belongings when you arrive at your new place in order to really feel at home.

Moving to

International removals to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are most often made by sea.

Your personal effects will be taken care by our teams from Le Havre port, and sent to Jebel Ali port. Once in Dubai, your goods will be taken care by our teams on site and delivered to your new home.

Moving to


Each year, many French people are expatriated to this country which recruits a lot, especially French-speaking people to be in Montreal and Quebec..

United States of America

More and more French people leave each year to settle in the United States of America for a short- or long-term period. The main destinations are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco.

Our teams from Le Havre port receive your containers which are transported by boat to closest ports of your destination city. Your belongings will be then taken care by our American teams on site, cleared through customs and transported to your new home.

Some useful information for your move to the United States:

Several documents will be requested. VISA, Work permit, Transfer order for the military or civil servants, form 3299, and other customs documents such as the detailed and encrypted inventory of your goods in French and English for example.

Taxes may be applied for objects in your possession for less than 12 months. For the transport of cars and vehicle, it must meet the standards of your destination country.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or to establish a quote and obtain the necessary advice for your move.


Brazil is one of the most complicated destinations for a move. It is therefore essential to be surrounded by expert professionals.

Moves to

Removals to Australia are by sea and / or air. Our teams support you in your move to Australia through lots of various formalities such as quarantine inspection…